Shangilia Children's Home

There are 3.6 million children in Kenya who are orphaned or abandoned (NCBI). Most Kenyans live in rural areas where HIV/AIDS and death from preventable diseases like malaria and typhoid is common. The combination of unemployment rates over 50 percent, typical wages of $1/day that can't fully provide for a family, and high rates of death from HIV/AIDS and preventable diseases has left the country with many orphaned and abandoned children. These children have no parents or family to provide for them. 

There's a huge need in Kenya to care for these vulnerable children with nowhere to go. 

Love for Kenya partners with Shangilia Children’s Home - an orphanage that takes in these abandoned and vulnerable children. Located in Vihiga, a small village outside of Kisumu, Shanglia Children's Home currently cares for more than 60 children between the ages of 1 and 19.  

These children come to Shangilia with nothing and find a home where they are loved and where they belong.  

Love for Kenya provides financial sponsorship for these children, equipping Shangilia Children's Home and its small staff of wonderful Kenyans to provide these children with love, nutritious meals, housing, clothing, education, medical care, and a family atmosphere where they are taught of God's love for them 365 days a year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. 

The family atmosphere at Shangilia gives these children relationships with adults who are dependable and loving while providing them with the structure and security necessary to nurture confidence and self-worth.  They are encouraged to work together and share each other’s joys and struggles, which creates friendships, empathy and a sense of being valued. 

Most children at Shanglia stay to adulthood, stay in school, and become contributing adults.  

The Kenyan government has taken notice of how Shangilia cares for their children and sends them more and more children each year. Finding the financial resources to feed, clothe, educate, house and provide loving adult caregivers for this growing number of children is a continual struggle. Support from Love for Kenya donors equips Shangilia to better care for its children, new and old, and  also funds orphanage development projects like a new boys dorm, a new water well, and a new stove. 

Solomon's Home

Love for Kenya also supports a smaller offshoot of Shangilia Children's Home in Nakuru, Kenya. Pastor Solomon Mukunza and his wife, Mary Mukunza, live in the city of Nakuru and have taken 6 orphaned or abandoned children into their home to raise.  As a member of the Shangilia Children’s Home board, Solomon is has adopted the same strategy as Shangilia to provide these kids with the loving, nurturing home that they need to grow and thrive. However, in Solomon’s case, this is done in his actual home with the caregivers being himself and Mary.