Rejoice Medical Clinic

Rejoice Medical Clinic in Lusiola is run by Pastor Kefa’s wife, Lonika.  She is one of the only registered nurses in the village. The clinic provides the children at Shangilia and the local community with basic health care, diagnosis, treatment and education by trained nurses.  It is the only access to medical care that is available to most residents of the community. Many lives have been saved through the prompt medical care and lifesaving medication they received at the clinic regardless of their ability to pay.


The Social Economic Development Association (SEDA) program is led by Pastor Francis’ daughter Rachael Ranogwa.  It began in 2006 with the goal of creating a micro-loan program for widows since most of them live on less than a dollar a day while raising several children or grandchildren on their own.  Over the years it has evolved into a broader holistic ministry with over 68 widows in attendance.  These women (affectionately known as “the Mamas”) are encouraged and empowered through weekly fellowship, prayer, worship, small enterprise endeavors, and a savings program. God has done wonderful things in their lives by creating a tight knit “sisterhood” of women who truly care for and love each other. The widows are believing in themselves and gaining respect within the community. God has used this ministry to transform their lives and to give them hope.