In 2005, two Kenyan brothers, Pastor Francis Ranogwa and Pastor Kefa Kadenge, found themselves caring for over a dozen orphaned children in their homes.  They had inherited a small, rural farm near Kisumu and Lake Victoria where they had been raised. God gave them both the idea of moving the orphanage to their larger property and using the farm to build a children’s home for the many orphans in the community.  Thus a dream was born and began to take root.  

The orphanage was named Shangilia Children’s Home and began with the two small houses on the farm and the orphans who had been living with Pastor Francis and Pastor Kefa.  Over the years, God blessed Francis and Kefa’s love for their community and desire to serve him, and their ministry grew far beyond the boundaries of Shangilia to show God’s love for the people of Kenya. Partners from around the world came to partner with Francis and Kefa to help them provide a family for more children by enlarging Shangilia to include a water system, boys and girls dorms, guest huts, bathrooms and a waste system. Today Shangilia provides a family atmosphere, emotional, spiritual, and financial support as well as quality housing, access to nutritious food, education, health care, and an environment to play for 67 children between the ages of 0 and 18 so they can go on to live abundant lives after graduating. 

At the same time, Shangilia has embraced the community through a widow’s program, a clinic, a kindergarten, support for the local schools, and spreading the good news of Christ’s love.  

As the ministry grew, Love for Kenya was created to support the many things God is doing in Kenya and to mobilize people with a heart for Kenya and a desire to partner with our Kenyan friends.