Kenya is a country about the size of Ohio that is located along the equator on the eastern coast of Africa. The official languages of Kenya are English and Swahili with English being the main language used in public life. Until December, 1963 Kenya was a British territory.  After declaring their independence, the country was led by a prime minister until holding their first presidential elections in 2013. While its capital city of Nairobi is an economic and financial hub for eastern Africa, the majority of Kenyans live in rural areas with limited access to running water, electricity and modern conveniences.

Shangilia is located in the Western region of the Republic of Kenya in the village of Chanzoka, Vihiga County. The county has identified major development challenges in the region including rapid population growth, poor infrastructure, inadequate safe and clean water and the provision of quality and affordable education, as well as issues such as HIV/AIDS, children’s rights, idle youth and poverty. There are approximately 30,000 orphans within the county of Vihiga primarily due to diseases such as HIV & malaria. There is also an increasing number of cases of child abandonment, neglect and abuse. These children become the responsibility of the government institution called the Children’s Department who places the children into children's homes across the country.