Please email to hear about our next trip and opportunities for supporting Love For Kenya.

Future Planned Trips:
Aug. 13 - 21, 2016: Plymouth Covenant Church

There are ongoing mission trips offered by our partnering organizations that we collaborate with to offer great trips!

We believe mission trips help us to put our faith into action and produce significant life change as we experience missions through cross-cultural experiences outside of our normal, comfortable surroundings.

While serving you might have the opportunity to...

  • Build meaningful relationships with the children and staff of Shangilia Orphanage

  • Meet the needs of individuals and partner with the community of Lusiola  

  • Engage in listening prayer as we seek the Lord daily for who He would want us to minister to and where He wants us to minister

  • Have the opportunity to minister to the widows 

  • See God transform our lives and the lives of the beautiful people of Kenya

A mission trip will be an opportunity for us to encounter ourselves, others, and God in a challenging way through the power of the Holy Spirit. Mission trips are designed for people who are ready to take the next step in their relationship with Jesus Christ and allow God to use their gifts and abilities to impact the people of Kenya as they live out their faith.