January Missions Trip Post #10

The team headed back to Nairobi and visited our ministry partner, Pastor Timothy in Kibera Slums. It was an eye opening experience and caused an overflow of love for the people that live in much different conditions than we do in America. They got to serve food, tour the area, and worship at Calvary Church. 17 people gave their lives at the church service - praise God!

January Missions Trip Post #9

A new ministry has started, AWANA International Ministry, and the children love it! Look at the awesome pictures as they get to play fun games and learn more about Jesus. As the trip winds down the team is taking the opportunity to think about all the things they have learned and all the things God has done!

January Missions Trip Post #8

It has been a fantastic last couple of days! The goal was to provide for the community’s basic needs through the widows ministry. The team was able to provide a few days worth of food, blankets, and mosquito nets for 111 widows. The widows were so appreciative and filled with joy! They were singing and dancing all morning with thankful hearts and spirits. The team also helped provide 5 outhouses for 5 different widows in addition to one new home that took 4 days to build! The widows were in awe of God’s provision!

January Missions Trip Post #7

The team has had a fantastic time spending time in the community! They have helped build new outhouses for the widows in the community, which has a huge impact for a practical daily need. Thank you to our generous donors for helping to fund these projects! Additionally, they got to spend time at the local school playing fun games and conducting VBS (Vacation Bible School) lessons. Take a look at the ridiculous pics below and thanks for reading!

January Missions Trip Post #6

The team has really enjoyed spending time at Shangilia Children’s Home with all the children and staff. There was so much laughter and fun as they spent the day together! Everybody enjoyed encouraging each other and getting to know one another better. A group also went on an adventure by heading to the local village on the back of motorcycles - look below for the great pics!

January Missions Trip Post #5

The team had a work project blessing a local widow with a brand new home. They had fun toiling in the mud and bringing the gift of new walls and a new roof to this mama in need. Scroll through the pictures to see your loved ones getting dirty and working hard!

January Missions Trip Post #2

The team has officially arrived in Kenya! They are starting off quite sleepy, but everyone is excited for what God has for them on this adventure. The team is from all over the country and it is amazing how God has uniquely constructed this team for his purposes. On Saturday they will fly from Nairobi to Kisumu then bus to Shangilia Children’s Home and will be ministering to over 100 widows at their weekly meeting. The incredible team:

Randy Stensgard - Minnesota

Carson Green - Minnesota

Jonathan Weikel - Minnesota

Molly Moore - Minnesota

Brook Stensgard - Minnesota

Dick Pritchard - Minnesota

Deb Pritchard – Minnesota

Charles Daws – Minnesota

Cheri Daws – Minnesota

Lily Daws - Minnesota

Megan Lafferty – New York

Jennifer Maggi - California

Casey Franklin – Colorado

Krista Hines – Colorado

Thomas Anderson – Colorado

Kaitlyn Parks – Colorado

Craig Mieske – Colorado

Jeannie Ensmenger – Colorado

Susan Faust – Iowa

Nancy Cummins – Indiana

January Missions Trip Post #1

The team headed off to Kenya yesterday! They are excited to see all that God has in store for them after preparing for months learning more about the Kenyan culture and training together from around the US. They have hands that are ready to work and hearts ready to love. They will arrive Saturday morning and hit the ground running by getting to meet all the kids at Shangilia Children’s Home before beginning to minister to the widows community. Look for a new post and pictures on Sunday as they begin their adventure! Thank you to all the generous supporters that helped make this trip a reality and please pray for each individual on this team.

August Trip - Blog Post #5

Today I valued the time I got to connect with one young man, who I now consider a very good friend of mine. He is a very humble and kind individual and he spent a lot of time helping me learn some Swahili! I’m so thankful for the friendships I have been able to make during my time here and I am excited to continue these friendships! I’m very sad to be leaving tomorrow and I will miss this beautiful place and these joy filled people! 

Today we felt really moved by all of the staff here at Shangilia and all of the hard work they do here every day. The children are so well cared for and loved. The staff are so accommodating and wonderful to us as visitors. So we decided to take some time to love on them and to serve them. We came together as a team in such an amazing way. God was showing us how using our actions to serve people fully. (Steph)

I love how encouraging the children are with each other! Tonight we got to watch the Talent Show that the children put on; kids danced and sang and it was beautiful! Every child received such applause and cheer after their performance. It really feels like one big family. (Sandy)

When we did Listing Prayer my heart was very touched because all the visions I saw in my head I saw on the trail we where walking on so I was very struck because god was using me and it felt nice also Rose touched my heart because she was so nice and grateful just because we gave her little things. ({Lily)}

August Trip - Blog Post #4

Today I got to help out with taking vitals for the medical clinic here. It was really cool to get to meet all of the people who came in, and it made me happy to be able to get help for them. I had a lot of joy while participating in this, all thanks to Jesus!! It was amazing to see the joy these people have, even when they are feeling sick. They are so genuine and kind. I loved every second of this experience! -Kate Doyle 

I saw God show up at the Medical Cinic in the patients today. Even though so many were very ill, they still had smiles on their faces! They were very thankful for the care they received, even after waiting for up to 3 hours to be seen. 
I was so happy to participate in the clinic today, and to see how God used it in such a powerful way.  - Lisa

This day was very fulfilling for me. Helping with a medical clinic was something I’d never done before. I loved learning from our team nurses, Rose and Barb, and from to local nurses, Nancy, Lillian, and Elizabeth. They ran the clinic so smoothly, and Praise God, we had enough medicine for every patient who came through. I also loved helping teach the girls at Shangilia more about their own reproductive system and how it works. We talked a lot about how valuable and strong each girl and woman is, and I hope it felt the girls feel empowered. Steph taught a mini self defense class, and the girls loved it! They broke into pairs and practiced three different defensive maneuvers. I’m so thankful for this team. I know that the Lord called each of us here for a purpose, and it is incredible to see those purposes come to fruition. -Lauren

August Trip - Blog Post #3

What an awesome first day at Shangilia! It was so amazing driving in today and seeing all the children sing and dance for us! We are so thankful to be here, and we thank God for bringing us here safely! (Lisa)

Being back at Shangilia is the most wonderful feeling. Everyone is incredibly welcoming and kind, it feels like home. (Lauren)

Today I saw Jesus through doing the puppet show. Because we were telling them the word of our Lord and that really touched my heart. (Lily)

 I have had an amazing time connecting with the teens my age, hearing testimonies and how their love for God carries them through life. It is very refreshing. (Parker)

 We see Jesus here every day! Today the Bible camp kids had a blast. They are so loving and sweet and smart! They learned that we all have the same heavenly father and that he loves us so much, he called us his children! They had fun playing the game and craft and love the puppet show! The windows in the area came to Shango you on Saturday! We loved reading them and listening to them sing! They are filled with the joy of the Lord! Their joy is contagious and they pulled us in the dance with them! Enjoyed some tea and mendazi (doughnuts)   And then received a weeks supply of food. They saying through that too. We look forward to seeing them again on Friday morning!  (Sandy)

 We’ve had some wonderful experiences these past few days. We had the opportunity to go to church at Oasis of Joy in Lusiola  and join in a small group Fellowship. It was very special to learn and study from the book of Romans  with our Kenyan sisters. Kenyans sure know how to worship!  Pastor Francis took us on a tour of Shangilia Children’s Home,  and told us the story of how it came to be. What a work of God!  Today we started a Bible camp with the kids, we did a puppet show, play games, and reminded the children of God‘s love. The kids loved it! I love being back with them, since the first time I came here for years ago, the children have grown so much. It brings me so much joy to be back with them. The kids loved it! I love being back with them, since the first time I came here for years ago, the children have grown so much. It brings me so much joy to be back with them. 

August Trip - Blog Post #2

The team has safely arrived in Kenya and wanted to share the following stores with you!

The welcome to the orphanage was amazing and being how excited the kids were to see if that something I won’t forget! (Barb)

 God has challenged me on the journey here, but also rewarded me with joy from the love and welcome experience from the people of Shangilia. (Rose)

The team has  been so full of good spirits,  enthusiasm and positivity. Although the journey here was stressful I think it showed us early on  that we have a wonderful team and we can depend on each other to step up and help each other every step of the way.  When we arrived in  Shangilia we found ourselves surrounded by more positivity and smiles from everyone here. The journey has brought us to a great place. (Steph)

I have never  traveled out of my country and I am glad I did. Are the kids are so helpful and nice. all have so much joy and compassion for us and I am so glad to see what is coming. (Lily)

 It is so wonderful to finally be here! The children singing when we arrived was beautiful and joy-filled!  I loved the fellowship and worship led by the older children tonight too! Our team has been welcomed with open arms and humble hearts.  Such kind people in this place! I’m excited to see all God will do here  and I’m looking forward to getting to know all the children.  (Sandy)

 It’s so exciting to be here in Shangilia with such a great team!  These children and adults here are so full of joy and I am already in love with them!  It was so cool to be welcomed with song and dance from the kids and their house mother. I can’t wait to see what else is to come this week! (Kate)

Jambo!  It’s so good to be back at Shangilia with the children and staff.  They are so welcoming,  Full of joy, and ready to play. And I enjoyed worshiping with the group and playing with the kids after words. (Lori)

 I’m so glad to be in Kenya! I have connected with so many kids my age, and their stories are so inspiring. I can see God busy at work! (Parker)

 So glad to be back at Shangilia  and see the smiling faces. The people here are so welcoming and friendly.  (Rick)

Pastor Timothy - August 2018 Newsletter

Kibera...The most densely populated slum in Africa

Depending on whose numbers you accept, there are between 175,000 and 800,000 living in an area that is just over 1.2 square miles. That gives Kibera the dubious honor of being the largest slum in Nairobi and the largest urban slum in Africa. Also, because there is almost no multi-story construction in the slum, it means population density feels extream. Living conditions are atrocious by any standard. Unemployment is way into the double digits, with those working earning on average less than a dollar a day. Essential services such as electricity, running water, and medical care are rare. There are few schools, and most residents do not have the money to send their children. Crime is rampant with assault and rape commonplace. Open sewers are everywhere, with a local phenomenon known as flying toilets (human excrement in a plastic bag tossed out a window or door into the street) something for which you have to keep an eye out as you walk. Clean water is scarce, so it is no surprise that poor hygiene and communicable diseases are all too prevalent, among them HIV and AIDS. 

Kibera is four miles from the center of Nairobi, which sports glass and concrete skyscrapers that would be at home in any western city.  It is separated from the Royal Nairobi Golf Club - annual membership $5,000 - only by a chain link fence. Imagine the hopelessness of living in abject poverty while staring through a fence at someone playing golf; knowing that if you were doing well compared to your neighbors, it would take you more than 20 years of work to be able to afford a one-year membership.


I visited Kibera in January of 2017. I was not looking forward to my visit, feeling pretty sure I may be overcome by the utter hopelessness of the peoples' situation there. I can tell you it really did break my heart to see children, who by the seeming twist of fate, were born here instead of in my family in Buffalo, MN. Why do I  have such a comfortable life while these people walk ground that is literally composed of refuse and rubbish? Walking into Calvary Evangelistic Church from the police station on the edge of the slum, the “streets” narrowed while the heat, dust, stench, and stagnation mounted. Thankfully the day we were there it was dry, so the open sewers stayed contained in the ditches that ran alongside and among the “streets.” The sewage was contained, but the stench was not - everywhere smelled like an outhouse, an overused, never-cleaned outhouse. Everywhere that is, except Pastor Timothy’s compound. I know it sounds hyperbolic, but inside his ministry area the air was lighter and smelled sweet.

When you meet Pastor Timothy, he will tell you he is the happiest man in the slum, and if you are privileged to spend some time with him, you will come to believe it. It is not just him who is happy and full of the hope of Christ, it is all those in his ministry: the staff, the children and even parishioners in his church. We met the head cook who calls herself the Prime Minister of Nutrition and has a smile that held more joy than I see in a week of encounters back here in the states. I also met a man, whose name I am ashamed to say I don’t remember, who moved his family into Kibera so that he can minister to the many Muslims who live there. And get this - they are gaining converts who return to their homelands as missionaries for Christ! A slum in Africa with an average wage of less than one dollar a day is sending out missionaries to the lost souls of the Muslim world. Hearing this humbled me, causing me to ask why we, the western church is not doing more.

The Prime Minister of Nutrition herself!

The Prime Minister of Nutrition herself!

My heart broke and breaks for our brothers and sisters who live in Kibera because of their destitution, but it broke again for joy at experiencing the hope and joy they have in Christ.

When I asked Timothy what the goal of his ministry is he did not say, to provide a safe place for some of Kibera’s homeless boys to sleep, although he does that.  He did not say to provide at least one meal a day to over 200 children, although he does that.  He did not say to have a school that will teach children the skills they need to perhaps one day live outside the slum, although he does that.  He said it was to reach the people of Kibera for Christ so that they can all go to heaven. Amazing how he is able to see and fulfill the real mission of the Church, that is to make disciples, and in the process, God is adding “all these things” aka ministry success to him.

After meeting Timothy and seeing his ministry, as a board member, I am very pleased that we are partnering with him. My only wish is that we would have more resources that we could send his way.

Thanks for your time. God bless and Godspeed!

August Trip - Blog Post #1

“Religion that is pure and undefiled before God the Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their distress.” James 1:27

We have been blessed beyond measure. We live in a country where everything we need to survive is easily accessible. In our bubble of normalcy it becomes easy to forget about the needs of our brothers and sisters in places like Kenya. Plymouth Covenant Church partners with Love for Kenya in order to go and serve in the Kibera Slums in Nairobi, and at Shangilia Children’s Home in Luciola. The needs in this world are great, and we don’t want to forget.

Pastor Timothy has built his own school in the Kibera Slum in order to combat the high percentage of youth who become involved in gang related violence in order to survive.

Shangilia Children’s Home was founded out of the love and faith of Pastor Francis Ranagwa and his wife, Florence. In 2000, they took twenty orphaned children into their own home and since that time, God has blessed their ministry and it has grown to house over 80 of Kenya’s orphaned children. While we are visiting Shangilia our mission is to:

  • Love on the kids! Many of the children at Shangilia have heartbreaking stories of loss and abandonment; we want them to know that there are people in the world that love them, but more importantly, that their Father in Heaven loves them.

  • Minister to and experience fellowship for the hardworking staff at Shangilia.

  • Join in fellowship and worship with the widows of the surrounding area. Plymouth Covenant Church partners with the widows in the Luciola area by providing micro loans to start their own businesses so they can provide for themselves and their families.

  • Set up a medical clinic in Luciola in order to provide some basic medical needs.

  • Share the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

For those of you have sponsered team members or children living at Shangilia, we thank you. It is only through your support that we are able to go. We are so grateful that God calls goers AND senders. You are making a difference in the lives of children and widows in Kenya.

The team going from Plymouth Covenant Church is: Stephanie Carpentier, Barb Nicollich, Rick and Lori Berning, Sandy and Kate Doyle, Lily, Parker, and Rose Cary. It is led by Lisa Bennett and Lauren McGrath. The team leaves on August 8th and returns on August 20th.

Day 9 - Fellowship with the Widows

Recap of amazing things the past few days…

Wednesday… Help build a widows house out of mud

Thursday… Visiting the widow down in the valley and started building a new house for her, Listening Prayer and allowing God to guide and direct us, super cool stories of how God spoke to us and lead us… especially ask Christa about it! Celebration of Chad’s birthday

Friday… Last day with the widows, providing food for their families, singing and dancing with them, sharing the love of Christ with the poorest of the poor. Visiting the 3 widows that we had outhouses built for and 1 or the 2 homes that we had built for two of the widows. God is moving is powerful ways!


Well it’s friday and our time here is almost at an end. This has been an unbelievable experience. Looking back, its hard to believe all of the different areas we have seen God move. Being able to bless needy widows’ families with proper shelter and utilities was great to see. This also provided much needed jobs for men and women in the community. The Kenyan people have such a love for life and love for one another. Those of them who have come to know the Lord have such an amazing and humble spirit about them. They just want to bless everyone they come in contact with. I would recommend anyone who is looking to serve and grow spiritually to consider partnering with Love for Kenya and coming on a future trip. I personally can’t wait to come back. - Chad


The time here has felt like months and at the same time, mere minutes. We have had the privilege to meet so many amazing people, experience so many things and feel so loved and welcomed by our Kenyan friends. I’d love for you to hear some highlights from our (Brombacher) kids:

This has been an exciting trip. I’ve had so much fun playing soccer with the kids. It’s been great to build relationships with people, especially the kids. The trip’s almost over and I have had so much fun. -Isaac


This trip has been great. Some of my favorite things we did were playing soccer with the kids, riding the piki pikies, and mudding the house. I’ve made a lot of great friends and done a lot of things. Overall this has been an amazing experience. - Josiah


Yesterday was Chad’s Birthday!! I made him a card and had everyone sign it with one word that describes Chad. We stuck heart stickers on him all day and the kids at Shangilia surprised him by throwing water on him. Anja Brombacher


I like piki piki’s (motorcycles). - Elias


Truly...our time here has flown by so quickly. Today we met with the widows for a second time and it was so great to see their faces and worship with them again. These women have so very little. They are outcasts in this culture, but the joy that eminates from them is so contagious, inspiring and beautiful. Being here has reminded me that so often we focus on so many things that are not important. While most of the people we have met here own less than what most of us have in one room of our homes, they exude a joy in the Lord that most Americans do not. It’s been very convicting and inspiring. There have also been those we have met who carry the weight of the world on their shoulders. They are destitute and you can see the hardship in their eyes. We have been able to bless with the smallest of things...granola bars, underwear, bags of local food, some sodas and with something better than worldly possessions…prayer and the message of Hope in Jesus. The outhouses we were able to help finance for the widows are a beacon of hope to these dear women and their neighbors. Each time we visited a construction site, we prayed and shared that these outhouses were being built because God loves them. Our family feels so blessed to have been given this opportunity. Thank you all for your support and prayers. - Rolf and Melody Brombacher


I can’t believe today is our last full day at Shangilia! The trip started out moving fairly slowly but the second half has flown by! It has been so fun venturing out into the community visiting the widows and families where new houses and outhouses are being built. Or stopping by the soda shop (a dusty room on the side of the road) to pick up sodas for the construction teams and finding a poster of my favorite Kenyan-American Mr. Obama! Totally got a pic of the two of us! Or walking by a primary school and seeing little children pop their heads out from behind a rock and with big eyes say Muzungu!! White person! They are not use to seeing us in these parts. This trip has brought me so much pleasure; just being in the moment and experience the little things. I can do without the task of smooshing a Brown Recluse spider at 1AM. I did not have my husband or dad to do it for me! I saved my hut mates!! Molly Moore


Today we saw all the work that had been done while we where here. We helped build two homes and two outhouses. We were blessed to have raised money above our need to get here and could help support the Kenyan’s by having them do the work. We are soon on our way to a talent show done by the children at Shangilia orphanage and our team. This could be interesting because they have some awesome talent. We are all tired but it has been quite an experience.

Louann Beal


Yesterday we spent time in listening prayer. I had a clear vision of walking down a hill behind a woman wearing a very specific geometric pattern woven into the fabric of her skirt. She balanced a bag on her head. There was also a man with a 2x4 over his shoulder. Each were walking down a steep dirt road.. Others in our group also felt we were supposed to walk down a hill, down into the valley. As we walked I looked for someone who fit the description I saw. There was no one else on the road. Then we traveled down the valley, we came to the house of one of the widows. When she greeted us, I saw that she had a long shirt covering part of her skirt. That shirt had the exact pattern I saw in my prayer. Just a little confirmation that we were in the right place. We were able to chat with her for awhile and pray for her. She was thrilled the Love For Kenya was building her a new home. She told that every day she gathers fruit, carries them in a bag on her head and sells them in the village. As we started out on the road back to Shangalia, men were cutting down trees for the walls of her home. One turned his back to me had two trees the size of a 2x4 slung over his back.

Christa Anderson


BLOG DARLING - This is my first blog ‘cuz I keep forgetting my glasses!

This has been the best week with my marafiki (friends). Singing, praying and eating with what has become family for me. I thank Mungu (God) and those praying for me for keeping me healthy while here. I have had to kill 2 brown recluse spiders and 1 big ugly something spider. God has let me be a part of His plan blessing these beautiful people with new outhouses, homes and clothing that you all have provided. We also had finances to help individuals with difficult life issues including medical. My time with the child I sponsor, Shakeel, was the best. He is a fantastic dancer with many athletic moves. Christa our dance queen taught him some more cool stuff. Shakeel and I also played catch with baseball gloves that some of you helped me bring. The pressure on the children to get good grades is very high so the singing, dancing and sports, I think, helps relieve that intensity.

Also I can now say I have helped build a wall for a mud house! The mud sticks to your shoes so much you feel like you’re 3 inches taller.

Some of you know that I try to learn to say a bible verse in Swahili to the children, the, widows we spend time with and those we see along our hikes. I now can share the Gospel with anyone here in their language. Very fun for me even though they sometimes have to correct me. That might even be better because then I know the message got through.

Enjoying the beautiful 85 degree weather, the African sunrises and the starry, starry night skies.

La La Salama – Randy Darling, alias Mosee (Mozay)