Kenya Missions Trip Dec 2015 Post #5

Paul ~ The past few days have been amazing as I have witnessed the Lord working through us, and in us, minute-by-minute. The kids at Shangilia Children’s Home are truly beautiful children of God who have a joy and peace about them that I have seldom witnessed during my life. Our family is forever changed with this experience and for that I am grateful and can’t wait to see what He has in store for us going forward.

Jamie – We have been at Shangilia for about four days and the children, who have nothing by American standards, are able to love and experience joy.  They are loved and taught that Christ is their savior. As a result, we have spent time with kids who have welcomed us to their home, reminded us what is important and given us the ability to enjoy life simply.

Matt – The first half of our visit has been amazing!  I am sure that God will continue to amaze us for the remainder.  We are here to support and build relationships with the children and staff,  but I believe that they are the ones supporting me.  I have been blessed to be a part of this team, experience, and relationships that have been planted.

Amy – Our time at Shangilia Orphanage has been amazing. I have been able to make connections with a few staff members, as well as a handful of special children. The Lord is showing me that he wants me to worry less about productivity and focus MORE on relationships, prayer, drawing nearer to Him. I pray the Lord will continue to move in our hearts when we return home, and that He will continue to bless the children and staff abundantly here at Shangilia Orphanage. God bless.

Darling -  Words to explain what is happening here?  Not sure,,,, more like questions.  How can someone go half way around the world to meet a child who now changes everything in your world as you know it?  What would have happened to a child if Shangilia didn’t exist?  A ten year old needing not just a hug…but a hug from me!  What is happening here… a boy wanting me in his life or me wanting him in mine?  Lord, how can I be deeply in his life thousands of miles away?      So…I…Pray.  What will His answer be?

Randy S – Amazing experiences here at the Love For Kenya ministry center (Shangilia Orphanage). Yesterday we had the opportunity to dedicate and open the new boys home (boys dorm). The boys are so excited! The love spending time in there new rooms on there beds, and spending time in the main gathering area with each other. It is truly an amazing experience to see how excited they are. We have had great ministry to all the children here at Shangilia as we have been building relationships with the kids and staff, ministering the community, meeting some of the felt needs here and just experiencing Christ in a fresh new way here in Kenya. Tomorrow a small group of us are going to travel to the “10 Mile Lady’s” house to bring this 70+ year old widow who takes care of many grand children.  And then on Friday we will have 80+ widow come to Shangilia to be loved on and encouraged. I just love how this ministry continues to reach out to those in need in the community. I am so blessed to be here and to partner in ministry with all the staff here at the orphanage.