Day 2 - Visiting the Widows

Amazing day singing, dancing and caring for the "outcasts of society", the widows. What a great joy it was to encourage and meet the deed of food for over 87 widows. So amazing what God is doing on this trip. Our team is really gelling, and engaging in ministry to the poorest of the poor. What a joy it is to serve with this team. - Randy Stensgard

Today we met with the widows.  They greeted us with strong hand shakes and side to side hugs.  Even the quiet women were assertive with their greeting.  This was surprising.  I was expecting to meet with a group of women who had were weary and broken.  This group found strength in one another, in their song, and in their dance.  I’ve trained in dance for so many years, but recently I’ve noticed that my body doesn’t respond to movement the way it used to.  I’ve found myself feeling apprehensive about joining, about sharing my movement.  These women, however, made it so easy.  Their joy, their song, their encouragement invited us all to dance.  For the first time in a long time, I didn’t have to direct, I didn’t have to perform, I let go and worshiped with these women.  Thank you Jesus. ~ Christa Anderson

WOW!  What an experience so far and its only been 3 days!  I have seen things I will never forget and have meet people who will forever live in my heart.  Kenya and Shangilia have already left an imprint.  Starting our adventures in Kenya visiting Kibira Slums and Pastor Timothy’s school was quite the eye opener.  To actually see such poverty; I could never have imagined it in my wildest dreams or should I say nightmares.  But, there is something that is universal, kindergarten children are silly, bouncy and so smiley no matter their circumstances.  After a scramble to the airport, we made our flight by the skin of our teeth to Kisumu.  After a short but bumpy ride we made it to Shangilia where we were greeted by all the children and staff singing our welcome.  What a gift!  Lots and smiles and tears from our team.  We had the pleasure of hosting around 87 widows this late morning were we made merry singing and dancing.  There are no language barriers with those two things!  Thanks to the donation from friends, I was able to bring over Polaroid cameras with film to photograph every kid in Kenya!!  Needless to say I was pretty popular today photographing all the kids at Shangilia.  I am so happy to have given them photos of themselves and their friends to hang in their rooms.  So much has happened in such a short amount of time!  I can not wait to see what God has planned for us tomorrow and all the following days!  Boy!  Has God been good!!!  Molly Moore  

Words cannot express what an incredible experience this has been so far.   I will never forget the trip we had to the slums of Kibira on our first day here in Kenya.  To experience the extreme poverty, living conditions, smells, people and sights in person does not hold a candle to anything I have ever experienced.  We had the priviledge to meet Pastor Timothy who runs a Christian school in the middle of the slums.  All I can say is that the love of Christ in Pastor Timothy and at the school is present and palpable.  We fed the children their lunch.  Knowing these children may only get this one meal per day, I was struck with how no one complained, asked for more food, and were content with anything they were offered.  Spending the morning today with the widows in the community, singing, dancing, smiling, laughing was a treat.  Experiencing the joy of the women was awesome.  God has been so faithful and present.  I’m expecting God to continue to do amazing things with our remaining days here in Kenya.  Thank you again to all who are supporting me on this trip!     Love you!  Dawn Holmquist