August Trip - Blog Post #2

The team has safely arrived in Kenya and wanted to share the following stores with you!

The welcome to the orphanage was amazing and being how excited the kids were to see if that something I won’t forget! (Barb)

 God has challenged me on the journey here, but also rewarded me with joy from the love and welcome experience from the people of Shangilia. (Rose)

The team has  been so full of good spirits,  enthusiasm and positivity. Although the journey here was stressful I think it showed us early on  that we have a wonderful team and we can depend on each other to step up and help each other every step of the way.  When we arrived in  Shangilia we found ourselves surrounded by more positivity and smiles from everyone here. The journey has brought us to a great place. (Steph)

I have never  traveled out of my country and I am glad I did. Are the kids are so helpful and nice. all have so much joy and compassion for us and I am so glad to see what is coming. (Lily)

 It is so wonderful to finally be here! The children singing when we arrived was beautiful and joy-filled!  I loved the fellowship and worship led by the older children tonight too! Our team has been welcomed with open arms and humble hearts.  Such kind people in this place! I’m excited to see all God will do here  and I’m looking forward to getting to know all the children.  (Sandy)

 It’s so exciting to be here in Shangilia with such a great team!  These children and adults here are so full of joy and I am already in love with them!  It was so cool to be welcomed with song and dance from the kids and their house mother. I can’t wait to see what else is to come this week! (Kate)

Jambo!  It’s so good to be back at Shangilia with the children and staff.  They are so welcoming,  Full of joy, and ready to play. And I enjoyed worshiping with the group and playing with the kids after words. (Lori)

 I’m so glad to be in Kenya! I have connected with so many kids my age, and their stories are so inspiring. I can see God busy at work! (Parker)

 So glad to be back at Shangilia  and see the smiling faces. The people here are so welcoming and friendly.  (Rick)