August Trip - Blog Post #4

Today I got to help out with taking vitals for the medical clinic here. It was really cool to get to meet all of the people who came in, and it made me happy to be able to get help for them. I had a lot of joy while participating in this, all thanks to Jesus!! It was amazing to see the joy these people have, even when they are feeling sick. They are so genuine and kind. I loved every second of this experience! -Kate Doyle 

I saw God show up at the Medical Cinic in the patients today. Even though so many were very ill, they still had smiles on their faces! They were very thankful for the care they received, even after waiting for up to 3 hours to be seen. 
I was so happy to participate in the clinic today, and to see how God used it in such a powerful way.  - Lisa

This day was very fulfilling for me. Helping with a medical clinic was something I’d never done before. I loved learning from our team nurses, Rose and Barb, and from to local nurses, Nancy, Lillian, and Elizabeth. They ran the clinic so smoothly, and Praise God, we had enough medicine for every patient who came through. I also loved helping teach the girls at Shangilia more about their own reproductive system and how it works. We talked a lot about how valuable and strong each girl and woman is, and I hope it felt the girls feel empowered. Steph taught a mini self defense class, and the girls loved it! They broke into pairs and practiced three different defensive maneuvers. I’m so thankful for this team. I know that the Lord called each of us here for a purpose, and it is incredible to see those purposes come to fruition. -Lauren