August Trip - Blog Post #5

Today I valued the time I got to connect with one young man, who I now consider a very good friend of mine. He is a very humble and kind individual and he spent a lot of time helping me learn some Swahili! I’m so thankful for the friendships I have been able to make during my time here and I am excited to continue these friendships! I’m very sad to be leaving tomorrow and I will miss this beautiful place and these joy filled people! 

Today we felt really moved by all of the staff here at Shangilia and all of the hard work they do here every day. The children are so well cared for and loved. The staff are so accommodating and wonderful to us as visitors. So we decided to take some time to love on them and to serve them. We came together as a team in such an amazing way. God was showing us how using our actions to serve people fully. (Steph)

I love how encouraging the children are with each other! Tonight we got to watch the Talent Show that the children put on; kids danced and sang and it was beautiful! Every child received such applause and cheer after their performance. It really feels like one big family. (Sandy)

When we did Listing Prayer my heart was very touched because all the visions I saw in my head I saw on the trail we where walking on so I was very struck because god was using me and it felt nice also Rose touched my heart because she was so nice and grateful just because we gave her little things. ({Lily)}